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Sustainability through technology: “Naturally micromorph”

Renewable energies, in particular solar energy, help to protect the environment. However, the power-producing photovoltaic modules at the heart of every solar system are not created equal. Some modules are not particularly sustainable when it comes to the raw materials utilised, the energy required for their fabrication and the method of their disposal after the end of their service life. This is where Inventux is ahead of the curve, making sure green energy is generated by green and sustainable products.
The discussion today is turning more and more to the fact that many solar modules contain hazardous and harmful toxins such as cadmium and lead. The good news is that micromorph thin-film modules from Inventux are 100% free of toxic substances. Inventux was even the first manufacturer to receive toxin-free certification for its products from TÜV Rheinland. We voluntarily meet the strict standards of the EU’s ROHS Directive (Restriction of Hazardous Substances). Since our modules contain no toxic substances, their disposal and reprocessing after the end of their service life is simple. Inventux modules are classified as building glass and can be easily recycled without elaborate chemical processing. This means no special take-back or recycling programmes, such as those offered by other solar manufacturers (e.g. PV Cycle), are necessary for our modules.

Another advantage is our deployment and use of raw materials. Our micromorph thin-film modules are based on gaseous silicon (silane), a raw material that is available in practically unlimited quantities. Unlike highly purified silicon, this raw material is easy to process and can be obtained using environmentally friendly methods. And thanks to the ultra-thin active coating of our modules, we only need one percent of the raw material used to make crystalline modules. Besides the frugal use of raw materials, production at Inventux has been designed and implemented around the premise of ensuring the shortest energy-payback time. Low process temperatures, effective production steps and the industry’s lowest scrap rate allow us to achieve a very short energy-payback time. What’s more, the manufacture of Inventux modules requires only half the primary energy necessary for modules based on crystalline technology.

Since our production facilities are also located in Germany – the world's largest solar market – transport distances are very short, allowing us to further reduce our carbon footprint. Inventux is committed to consistent sustainability and clean solar energy – “Naturally micromorph”.