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fiXflat The revolutionary mounting system for flat roofs

Efficient roof surface utilisation, compact handling and flexible application on flat roofs, even for roofs with limited load-bearing capacity.

Many flat roofs that might seem ideally suited for a solar power installation turn out to be unsuitable due to their insufficient load-bearing capacity. For the first time, Inventux offers a mounting system which is also suitable for flat roofs with low load-bearing reserves.
In addition, fiXflat enables two types of installation: Inventux solar modules can be installed either classically in rows (Simplex mounting) or optimised to use the roof surface efficiently in a dual configuration (Duplex mounting). So far, no other flat roof mounting solution offers this possibility. fiXflat – innovative in every way.

fiXflat: The fastest 1-2-3 installation for flat roofs

As with all product developments, Inventux consistently followed its 1-2-3 concept in creating this ground-breaking flat roof solution, which further reduces installation work and costs. This is how solar systems with capacities of up to 100 kWp can be installed in only one workday by just four installers using the fiXflat system.

Only two things are necessary to install the mounting system: fiXflat pallets with integrated pallet connectors and fiXflat row connectors for connecting pallet rows. This provides planning security during system design and reduces costs. Neither bolts nor tools are necessary since all connections are made using an intelligent 'click' concept – without roof penetration and usually without ballast. fiXflat – efficient in every way.

Inventux Product Benefits

Perfect low light performance

Inventux thin-film solar modules utilise a wider light spectrum than many other solar modules, achieving higher yields under real environmental conditions.

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Inventux Product Film

fiXflat installation film

The innovative solution
for flat roofs

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