inventux Solar Technologies:System Design


Sound planning for maximum profitability and trouble-free operation

There are many factors which can influence the success of a solar system
– starting with the correct rooftop layout, over the selection of suitable components, to the subsequent optimal technical calibration of the system.

The Inventux team has many years of experience in the design of solar systems – whether for private homes, industrial roofs or large-scale systems. All this accumulated expertise can be applied to your solar project.

Inventux helps you decide how many modules are needed for your roof and how you can best arrange them. It can assist you with inverters as well - from their selection to their optimal technical calibration.
What is more, Inventux can design the wiring for the entire system, a deciding factor in the trouble-free operation and later profitability of your system.

Do you want to know what yields to expect from your solar system?
Inventux calculates expected yields of solar energy, individually tailored to your system and your roof’s specific characteristics through an onsite appraisal.

The Inventux planning service at a glance:

  • Optimal rooftop layout
  • Yield calculations
  • Inverter layout
  • System wiring

Inventux offers these services to new as well as existing customers.