inventux Solar Technologies:Research & Development


Innovations in technological advances and sustainability

Thin-film technology has arguably the greatest development potential of all solar industry technologies. In Inventux’s development department, a team of engineers, doctoral candidates and graduates work tirelessly to further develop the multifaceted potential of micromorph thin-film technology, all in the interest of using this potential for environmentally friendly energy production.

Inventux' research is, therefore, particularly concentrated in two areas:

  1. Increasing efficiency through the development of highly efficient cells
  2. Continuously increasing the quality and durability of Inventux modules

The Inventux research department has its own measurement laboratory, in which all measuring procedures for the characterisation of solar cells and modules are carried out. Thanks to cooperation with one of our partners, we have additional access to all spectroscopic and micro­scopic analysis procedures for the research and further development of thin-film cells. In addition, Inventux has testing facilities for analysing and evaluating the quality and durability of various materials.

Current Research Topics

  • Optimization of tandem cells relating to voltage and current
  • Simulation of tandem cells
  • Optimization of the optical system relating to front and rear contact layers and respectively the reflector
  • Research into and optimization of degradation behavior

In addition, we have research cooperations with mounting system and power inverter manufacturers, in order to offer innovative products that are optimally coordinated to Inventux solar modules.